About Us

Continuing Learning Organization is founded to meet the needs of Bible school graduates and Christian leaders in Cambodia.

Continuing Learning Organization (CLO) was formerly known as Continuing Education Program for Alumni (CEPA); which was established in response to the identified needs of the Bible school alumni from various Bible schools in Cambodia. These graduates are educated and resourceful people, who are serving the churches, Christian schools and NGOs in various ways. However, they often face many difficulties, such as lack of fellowship, lack of mentoring and further education, a low income and financially poor church with poor church member.

CLO has been setting up core groups in different provinces and/or city where there are Bible school alumni, pastors and church workers who face the difficulties mentioned above.

CLO focuses on initiating networking, facilitating workshops and resource mobilization in different areas such as income generation, organizational capacity building, theology, conflict resolution and religious peace building.

CLO is a faith-based, non-profit, non-governemtal organization, governed by the Board of Governors and committed to the Vision, Mission, Core Values and Slogan contained in the constitution.

Vision Statement 

The vision of CLO is to see local churches in Cambodia being spiritually rich, organizationally healthy, financially sustainable and actively involved in holistic transformation of Cambodia.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop healthy, sustainable and transformational churches through networking, capacity building and resource mobilization of Bible school graduates in Cambodia.

Core Values 

Unity, Empowerment, and Transparency.


Life-long learning-lifelong serving for theological alumni.


  • Increases knowledge and practical understanding of stewardship
  • Strengthened church management and leadership 
  • Increased knowledge of practical theology 
  • Strengthened organizational capacity of CLO